As a full-service security integrator, EPS Group is the ideal choice to make all of your security needs an efficient part of your bottom line.  We approach every Client holistically, performing a top down assessment of your entire organization, including working with your own risk and business continuity planning staff, to look for not only problem issues, but also to learn from what you are doing well and to share in our mutual experiences to devise a bespoke security plan specifically to your needs.

“EPS Group delivered well-rounded affordable solutions that identified serious gaps in our protection, significantly reduced our risk and met our regulatory requirements while respecting our budgetary requirements.”

Four Corners Approach ModelWe understand that in today’s economic climate, profitability, increased competition, shrinking margins, decreased funding sources and increased costs of goods and labour are pressures that every market that we serve are facing.  That’s why we have developed the holistic approach we’ve termed “The Four Corners” approach.  Every step of the way, we have the Client’s best interests in mind and we work with your Management and Staff to get a clear picture of your needs.

Business units and sectors that we currently cater to include:

  • Residential Communities,
  • Commercial Properties,
  • Mixed/Multi-use Properties
  • Hotels,
  • Retail Malls & Shopping Plaza’s,
  • Distribution Centers,
  • Healthcare Facilities – Acute Care, Clinical, & Research,
  • Academic Institutions,
  • Commercial Real Estate and Residential Property Management,
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities,
  • Government Ministries and Agencies,
  • Law Firms,
  • In-House/Proprietary Security and
  • Contract Security & Investigations Agencies