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When it comes to one of the most important issues facing companies today, Occupational Health and Safety definitely tops the list.  With new changes to the regulatory framework of many Provinces, and companies facing severe fines for unintentional non-compliance, neglecting or outright failing to comply with the legislation, companies cannot afford not to have a well-defined Occupational Health and Safety program in place.  Employers, under Occupational Health and Safety law, are required to take every reasonable precaution to prevent accidents and to protect their workers from harm in the workplace.

EPS Group has extensive experience in assisting employers in developing and implementing a well-rounded and legally defensible Health and Safety plan and ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework within each jurisdiction in Canada.  We also have extensive experience in training our Clients, their managers, supervisors and workers in their roles and responsibilities within the developed plan.

OHSSome of the services we have provided to our Clients:

  • Due diligence reviews
  • Health and Safety policy manual and program development
  • Health and Safety training
  • Workplace Health and Safety assessments, hazard identification, and risk assessments
  • WSIB Safety Group enrollment assistance (Ontario)
  • WSIB Workwell audit preparation assistance and audit compliance (Ontario)
  • Workplace Violence prevention program design and training
  • Injury claim management and early return to work program assistance
  • Provincial & Federal regulatory compliance audits

EPS Group can assist you regardless of where your business is located.  While a majority of our expertise resides in the Security and Investigative Services sectors, we are experienced in working across industry sectors across Canada.  Our solutions will ensure that your business is compliant with Occupational Health and Safety law for your jurisdiction, Employers responsibilities under the Criminal Code of Canada (Bill C-45), Canadian Labour Code, Provincial Labour and Employment laws, and Federal and Provincial Human Rights legislation.