Houses of Worship

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Houses-of-WorshipChurches, Temples and other Houses of Worship face unique security challenges and are all subject to crime or disasters.  Church Security and Safety should be a priority in all Houses of Worship, but typically, Ministry officials are usually lacking the tools and knowledge needed to make security and safety a priority.  As such, security plans and improvements are seldom made, leading to vulnerability and liability.  Rather than being proactive, having formalized security plans in place, lack of planning for a Church or improper reaction to serious events at a House of Worship can lead to misery for some, and various levels of liability resulting in costly legal proceedings for others.

Sadly, most Houses of Worship are woefully underprepared for any type of incident (critical or otherwise) and maintain the mindset that “it can’t happen here”.  Most Houses of Worship do not even have a person designated to handle details associated with security functions other than locking and unlocking the doors.  EPS Group can help your senior leadership put together a security plan that will be transparent, allowing your congregation to worship in the welcoming and inclusive environment you desire, while mitigating risk with a solid security plan that is capable of addressing the security needs of your facility and congregation.  Some of the services that need to be considered are (list not inclusive):

  • Fire evacuation
  • Active shooter or violent altercations
  • Executive protection
  • Physical security & access control
  • Continuity of Ministry (Disaster & Emergency Management planning)
  • Facility use (outside of formal Services)
  • Background investigations & verification of persons involved in Ministry (paid and laypersons)
  • Parking lot security, and much more….

We utilize an assessment tool that will give you an accurate shapshot of where you are with your security plan, identifying both the strong points and more importantly, where you need significant improvements.  Our Consultants will work with your senior leadership to address your security needs and create a security plan that will give you and your congregation a safe and secure environment in which to worship.