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Alarm Response

As a leading Alarm Response company in this highly specialized field, EPS Group responds to alarms in our geographical service area than any other company in the industry. Our experience, extensive geographical coverage through the eastern and northern GTA, York Region, Durham Region, & Northumberland County, state-of-the-art communications and reporting systems and superior infrastructure have resulted in EPS Group being the choice provider for the discriminating Client requiring timely, reliable and consistent service.

Our alarm response model is two-fold: to provide a flexible, mobile and immediate response capability to any type of security situation and to serve as a sophisticated consultative resource group to clients facing security threats or emergent crises. We have developed special expertise in the protection of significant corporate assets, including people, property and information.

Some of the alarm types we respond to and services we actively provide are:

  • Intrusion alarms
  • Duress (panic) alarms

  • Fire alarms

  • Environmental alarms (heat, boiler, water, refrigeration)

  • Health alarms

  • Fail to close alarms

  • CCTV analytic alarms

  • Key Holding service

  • Priority Response service