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Guard Tour Systems

For our Clients

Our clients will appreciate the many advantages of Guard Center, as well, data has never been more accurate, or more accessible. The bottom line for our clients: better protection for their valued properties. Benefits include:

  • Our clients are provided with the most advanced security technology available

  • Guard Center is included in all of our Uniformed Guard Client sites

  • Unmatched proof of presence

  • Accurate, automatic, on-time reporting

  • Notifications about important events

  • Easy-to-view security trends analysis, which can alert you to areas needing attention

  • Reliable, instantly accessible data


For our Staff

Guard Center offers a world of benefits for both management and employees. By seamlessly integrating and automating our various security processes, both in-office staff and on-site guards are freed to focus on their #1 task – providing top-notch security and service to our clients. Benefits are:

  • Quicker and easier setups for new site operations

  • Faster and more efficient training of new employees

  • Real-time monitoring of sites and guards

  • More efficient communications between supervisors and in-the-field staff, and that means fewer calls to supervisors

  • Built-in lone worker protection functionality

  • Management can access all information through a single source, to save time and increase efficiency

  • All decisions can be based on real-time data and accurate statistics

  • Automated reporting for added ease-of-use