For our Clients

Our clients will appreciate the many advantages of Guard Center, as well, data has never been more accurate, or more accessible. The bottom line for our clients: better protection for their valued properties. Benefits include:

  • Our clients are provided with the most advanced security technology available
  • Guard Center is included in all of our Uniformed Guard Client sites
  • Unmatched proof of presence
  • Accurate, automatic, on-time reporting
  • Notifications about important events
  • Easy-to-view security trends analysis, which can alert you to areas needing attention
  • Reliable, instantly accessible data

For our Staff

Guard Center offers a world of benefits for both management and employees. By seamlessly integrating and automating our various security processes, both in-office staff and on-site guards are freed to focus on their #1 task – providing top-notch security and service to our clients.  Benefits are:

  • Quicker and easier setups for new site operations
  • Faster and more efficient training of new employees
  • Real-time monitoring of sites and guards
  • More efficient communications between supervisors and in-the-field staff, and that means fewer calls to supervisors
  • Built-in lone worker protection functionality
  • Management can access all information through a single source, to save time and increase efficiency
  • All decisions can be based on real-time data and accurate statistics
  • Automated reporting for added ease-of-use