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The PPCT Pressure Point Control Tactics course was the first subject control system designed based on tactical, legal and medical research. It was originally developed as a supplement to existing defensive tactics or impact weapon systems. The course focuses on two primary areas:

1. Controlling low-level resistance with finger tip touch pressure to nerve pressure points;

2. Controlling high-level resistance with defensive counter strikes and the baton, which produce motor dysfunctions and controlled stuns.

Course Goals:

1. To examine survival learning research in an effort to enhance survivability in combat situations.

2. To identify the primary and secondary striking targets and their medical implications.

3. To identify the PPCT Fluid Shock Wave Principle, a system of striking that enhances subject control.

4. To identify the recommended PPCT methods of de-escalation.

Course Topics:

Use of Force Human Factors

This chapter examines survival stress research and provides students with information that will enhance their survivability in combative situations and recommendations regarding issues related to critical incident management.

PPCT Control Principles

This chapter introduces the basic training principles that form the foundation on which all PPCT training systems are based. Topics discussed include components of acceptability, the PPCT Resistance/Control Continuum, common types of resistance, principles of controlling resistive behavior, survival reaction time, the reactionary gap, and tactical positioning.

Pressure Point Control Tactics

This chapter teaches students how to effectively and justifiably utilize pressure point control tactics for subject control. Topics include methods of application, nerve pressure point and nerve motor point locations, and use of force considerations.

Defensive Counterstrikes

The defensive counterstrike chapter provides students with the skills and knowledge required to not only determines when it is appropriate to strike a subject, but to deliver the strike effectively as well.  Topics include the tactical methodology of PPCT counterstrikes, the Fluid Shockwave Principle of striking, defensive stances and blocks, and counterstrikes with the hands and legs.

Course Length:  20 hours (2.5 days)